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Complete your e-paper with images, music, links and videos to give your readers a multimedia experience.

Your finished e-paper - automatically converted to HTML by the iMag™ software - is now readable for any search engine.

Our society is online and wants to find what it is looking for without detours. Whether in search engines or in social networks. The iMag™ epaper software therefore helps you to become more visible. By converting your content into HTML, you will appear more often in search results. And with a few clicks you can share your PDF epaper via social media.

With the higher reach, your traffic will also increase. And with it the access to new readers who can be enthusiastic about your products. The epaper software also provides you with an effective and simple tool to deliver fresh content on a continuous basis. Be always close to the pulse of the times.

By using your e-paper, you can significantly influence how much and how long someone spends time on your website. Another aspect that Google rewards and takes into account for placement in the search results.

Recent tests prove that interested users convert up to 93% better and include up to 37% higher shopping cart value. That's why iMag™ makes sure that you reach more potential customers online.

A big advantage of iMag™ is the preparation of your interactive content. Solutions must never be too complicated, because your users also love the lightness of being. With your digital epaper you offer customers a multimedia experience. Created simply and cost-effectively with iMag™, your content will stand out from the competition.

Understanding people and being able to react to them is made easy for you with iMag™. With the integration of a tracking tool you gain insight into the world of your users. You will get to know how they interact with your online epaper. A learning effect that will significantly influence your future content decisions.

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