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More reach

  • Search Engine Traffic

With HTML5 Flipbooks your texts and images are readable by search engines. Increase your presence in search engines and reach users who search for your content using Google, Bing and other search engines.

  • Social media traffic

Generate more traffic in a targeted manner. Share online Flipbooks with just one click on Facebook & Co. and spoil your fans & followers regularly with the latest content.



Increase turnover

  • Increase ad circulation

Increase the reach of your magazine or journal by opening up new channels with i-Mag.

  • Selling made easy

Present your products in an interactive way. Link directly from your online magazine to your website or online shop.

  • Monetizing content

Use affiliate links to monetize the content of your online catalog.

User engagement

  • Multimedia experience

Make online flipbooks interactive and easily integrate videos or audio with the Power Editor.

  • Links

Extend your content with additional information by linking from your magazine to useful sources, such as your online shop or your website.



Privacy settings

  • Password protected

Control who has access to your online publications and protect your content with a password.

  • Only for people with a link

Simply create a secret link through which your content can be accessed. Only people with this link can access your digital Flipbook.


Gain important insights into your target group. Our analytic tools give you accurate insights into how users interact with your content by providing information about page views, daily and weekly views, average view duration, and much more.


No advertising

Pure reading pleasure guaranteed: No banners and third-party advertising, no interrupters, no other publications.

Reach your readers worldwide
on every device

With iMag™ you can increase the presence of your content on Google. You can easily grow on Facebook & other social sites. We make sure that your flipbooks are always perfectly displayed, regardless of screen size or device.

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