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Make your menu design as a PDF document and upload it easily and within seconds via direct dial or drag & drop to iMag™.

You can also present your dishes visually. You can complete and customize menus with links, images, videos etc. quickly and easily.

Publish your online food menu and integrate it into your website. HTML conversion makes the content easier to find.

The iMag™ online menu creator combines the familiar structure of a menu with the interactive capabilities of an online PDF. Thanks to the integration of videos, high-resolution pictures and music, you can present your products in the best possible way. The leaf animation creates reading pleasure. A further advantage: Your visitors do not have to do PDF download anymore.

The result: Customers stay longer on your website and are more willing to look through your digital menu. The positive user signals, such as longer retention time, are among the top three ranking factors of search engines. This leads to a higher list position at Google and Co. In addition, interested users will deal more with your offer and decide more often for you.

The iMag™ online menu builder creates flip page PDFs. This one works great on your own website. But  you can also share them easily via social media and email. This allows you to reach users through even more diverse channels. Create online menu for your restaurants and give your company the presence it deserves.

With every medium on which you digital menu is displayed, you will reach a larger target group. Sharing by your readers and every click on your online menu also leads to even more access. And thus to an even better ranking of your online food menu. Brand awareness increases and with it your market share.

Users appreciate it if you present your offer appropriately. A well designed menu therefore works wonders for product marketing. Therefore, integrate them directly into the website and thus also set a visual, interactive highlight. An added value for visitors always pays off. Enthusiastic users convert up to 93 %, better. That means more orders and more visits to your restaurant.

Use the integrated tracking tool and get to know your customers and prospects better. How often is your online menu looked at? Which dishes are looked at for how long? Which part of the menu is most popular? Where do you reach the most interested customers?

2.5 million companies increase their circulation & reach with iMag™:


More than 50% of all users worldwide use the internet via their smartphone. This makes responsive design increasingly important. The menus created with the iMag™ online menu generator are optimized for any kind of screen.

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