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Neither printing nor shipping costs are incurred when creating online publications. So nothing stands in the way of quick and regular publication of new content.

Increase your reach by opening up new channels. Your HTML PDF can be easily distributed via Facebook & Co. Through the social sharing functions your readers can also share your content.

Integrate multimedia elements such as videos, links or image galleries into your flip page PDF. Your readers will love the interactivity and the added value offered. The integrated tracking tool also provides you with essential user insights.


One workflow – countless advantages

We are specialized in a good user experience, search engine optimization and many other marketing possibilities.
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Create your iMag™ account with a few clicks. Afterwards you can upload your content as a PDF file. Simply by using the selection option or Drag & Drop.

Add images, videos, music files or links to your HTML PDF with our user-friendly editor. Turn your content into a reading experience in a class of its own.

Publish your flipbook. Our publishing software converts your PDF to HTML. This makes it readable for every search engine and thus ensures high visibility.

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With iMag™ you can easily increase the presence of your content on Google, Facebook & Co. We make sure that your HTML PDF is always displayed pin sharp, regardless of screen size or device. Images and texts shine thanks to HTML format in highest quality.

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