How can you use iMag™? A sustainable flipbook in three steps.

With a digitalized flipbook, you have a state-of-the-art marketing tool withouthaving to pick up a piece of paper. At the same time, iMag™ optimizes yoursearch engine presence and helps you to generate more traffic. You can seehow easy it is to create a 100% paperless Flipbook here:

First you upload your PDF. iMag™ then analyses the product details,information, objects, and scenes in your flipbook.

With the iMag™ power editor, you can create your flipbook with just a fewclicks. Use useful features that are not possible with a conventional magazineor catalogue, e.g. video, music, audio, image files

Your professional and 100% paperless flipbook is now available to everyone.Look forward to maximum traffic, brand awareness, and improved salesfigures.

Your business needs a presence. We have the solution. The iMag™ Flipbook software is designed to enable maximum growth for your business.

With the powerful flipbook tools from iMag™, you can reach your goals faster and easier. Sit back and relax as our Predictive Recommendation Engine positions your content optimally, increasing traffic and brand awareness.

Long-term tests show that savvy and interested users convert up to 93% better and have a 37% higher shopping basket value. We show your content to the right users at the perfect time. This increases the conversion rate and creates a sustainable increase in your sales.

Catapult your website rankings to the top – without expensive agencies or complicated SEO tools. Positive user signals / retention time are one of the top three ranking factors. By embedding your flipbooks on your website, you demonstrably lower the bounce rate and thus increase the length of stay. Google will reward you with improved rankings.

Get more registrations of qualified leads with high purchase intent. Start your leading-generation turbo by using iMag™ for your publications. By integrating forms into your publications, you can easily capture data from users.

Outperform your competitors and position your solutions at the right time by using the smartest flipbook solution. The iMag™ tracking tools give you deep insights into your target group and how it interacts with your content. This allows you to make more informed decisions based on real data.

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