How does it work?


1. PDF upload

Upload Your PDF document via Drag & Drop to the iMag™ Platform. It only takes a few seconds.


2. Analysis starts

Our special algorithm analyzes your content and optimizes it according to the latest Google standards.


3. Google indexing

Your Magazine will be published in powerful content hubs, pushing it to the top of Google results.

The new iMag™ Magazine Editor. For more engagement.

Increase user engagement within your Magazines using videos, audio, links or image galleries. Increased user engagement means an increase in subscriber numbers and simultaneous lowering of bounce rates.


Reach Magazine readers worldwide.
Regardless of the device.

Perfect presentation on every device

With iMag™ you can easily reach thousands of visitors from Google every month with your Magazines. However, there are over 18,000 different smartphone models worldwide for Android alone, according to Google. That's why we make sure that your Magazine is always perfectly displayed, regardless of the screen size and bottleneck.

Responsive Web Design

Full control through Google Analytics integration.

Visualize interactions, views, conversions, and more by integrating Google Analytics into your Magazines. Gain valuable insights to make smart business decisions based on the data obtained.

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Even more traffic for your Magazines through Google Image Search

Around 24% of all Google searches start with a image search. iMag™ extracts images from your Magazine and optimizes them for a high ranking in Google Image Search. This will give you more relevant and high-quality traffic from Google.

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Create Your Own Magazine Now.

Create Magazines with the state-of-the-art solution from iMag™ and receive thousands of visitors from Google & Facebook every month.

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