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In 3 steps to your PDF e-catalog

The iMag™ e-catalog software ensures usability, search engine alignment and attractive marketing perspectives. And you don't need to do much for that:

Register in a few minutes. If you have an iMag™ account you just have to login. Afterwards, simply select your PDF catalog directly or upload it via Drag & Drop.

With the user-friendly editor you can easily complete your e-catalog with videos, music files, pictures or links. Thus you can offer your customers more relevant information.

Done. Publish your e-catalogue online. With iMag™ there will be an automatic HTML conversion of your PDF so that search engines can read it.

As a provider, it is important for you to be highly visible and easy to find online. The iMag™ e-catalog maker is specialised in optimally increasing your reach. iMag™ converts the text of your PDF into HTML. A format that search engines love and with which they can better index. You can also share the e-catalog with a few clicks via social networks or e-mail.

You will be present on different online channels. Emebed your e-catalog to your website. Additional you can push your business by sharing your content via mail or social media. Another alternative for e-commerce is to link your products from your e-catalog directly to your webshop. Thus you can quickly and easily help your product or brand to gain more awareness. Your target group will increasingly use your content. The practical and effective flip catalogue tool from iMag™ also enables you to continuously update your content.

There are several factors for a good ranking, including positive user signals. Or the length of time a user stays on your site. If you place your e-catalog online on your website, readers will stay there more often. This increases the length of stay. For Google this means that your ranking factor climbs up.

Long-term tests prove that interested users perform up to 93% more market-relevant actions and add 37% more value to their shopping cart. With iMag™, your content reaches the right users at exactly the right time. This increases sales, your conversion rate and therefore your profit.

When you add images, videos and other media to your digital catalog, you create a multimedia experience. Customers find that very attractive. And you do this by delivering sustainable, interactive and relevant content with your e-catalog. Likewise, the greater reach and better findability will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

The iMag™ e-catalog creator has a tracking tool that gives you information about the composition of your target group. You will also learn how your users interact with the content you present in your e-catalog. This enables you to realistically evaluate your target group and act effectively based on this.

2.5 million companies increase their circulation & reach with iMag™:

With iMag™ you and your content are present worldwide - via Google and social networks. We guarantee that your e-catalog is always displayed optimally, no matter what screen or device you use.

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